BC2 自動化控制器

型號: BC2

自動化控制器 在每一個位元系統的樞紐,是一個或多個控制器,它允許其他系統在您的家彼此互動。由於每個控制器連接到您的網絡,您的系統可以從一個單間擴展到整個家庭或建築物。 BC1能夠處理幾乎所有的自動化任務一個強大的自動化控制器。

BC2 Automation Controller

The BitWise Controls BC2 has all the processing power of our BC1 controller, but in a mid-sized form factor. This controller is perfect for situations where you have fewer devices to control, but still need

• A built-in astronomical clock provides event scheduling based on time of day, sunrise, and sunset
• Customizable email notifications
• Supports two-way interaction with serial and networked devices
• Communicates with every BitWise user interface and controller on your network
• On-board relays and signal sensing ports allow interaction with mechanical devices
• Can be rack or shelf mounted


產品上架時間 2014 三月 08 週六.