KEF Ci系列 Ci160.2QS 崁壁式喇叭
$ 21,000
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型號: Ci160.2QS


The Ci Series Ci160.2QS is high-fidelity flush-mount loudspeaker utilising a fourth generation Uni-Q® driver array.

The driver array is mounted into a moulded ABS baffle and along with KEF's simple and ingenious screw down clamping system - with moisture-resistant fixings - allows placement even in the harshest environments such as bathrooms or even under eaves.

The bezel and stainless steel grille can be painted to specification or covered by fabric to suit the style of the room.

The two-way Ci160.2QS combines 80W power handling and 87dB sensitivity, with a frequency response (±3dB) of 60Hz - 20kHz and a maximum output of 108dB.

Features and Benefits

Fourth generation Uni-Q driver array:

Superb off-axis dispersion characteristics from the coincident source driver arrangement with greater flexibility of positioning that comes from such a wide sound stage.

160mm (6.5in.) bass/mid driver:

Good bass extension from a flush-mount loudspeaker.

25mm (1in.) soft dome ferrofluid cooled tweeter:

Excellent power handling and smooth response.

Stainless steel bezel and grille:

Can be painted to specification or covered by fabric to suit the style of the room.


The Ci Series Ci160.2QS is best suited for high quality music and speech reinforcement applications requiring hi-fi performance such as:

• Multi Room systems
• Home Theatre systems
• Lounges, Bars, Boutiques
• Boardrooms & Offices
• Airports, Convention Centres, Hotels
• Live Theatre/Concert Hall fill-in
• Houses of Worship
• Sports Arenas

Architectural Specifications

The Ci Series Ci160.2QS shall consist of:
1 x Uni-Q® driver array - 160mm (6.5in.) polypropylene cone bass/mid unit with a coincident mounted 19mm (1in.) soft dome, ferrofluid cooled high-frequency unit.

Performance of the Ci160.2QS shall meet or exceed the following criteria:
frequency response 1 metre on-axis with swept sinewave shall be 60Hz to 20kHz ±3dB, sensitivity shall be at least 89dB for 2.83V @1m.

The driver impedance and maximum power handling shall be 80W at 6 Ohms.

The enclosure shall not exceed the following
dimensions: (H x W x D) 220 x 220 x 89 mm 8.7 x 8.7 x 3.5 in.


Nominal Impedance
Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m)89dB
Frequency Response +/-6dB 2pi/open-backed60 - 24kHz
Frequency Response +/-6dB With back can/rear enclosure-
Crossover Frequency2.8kHz
Drive Units (LF / MF / HF)160mm / - / 19mm
Recommended Amplifier Power10-100W
FeaturesUni-Q Array
Product External Dimensions (Height / Width / Depth)220mm (8.66in.) / 220mm (8.66in.) / 93mm (3.66in.)
Cut-out Dimension (Height / Width)196mm (7.72in.) / 196mm (7.72in.)
Mounting Depth from Surface (Product only / With back can)89mm (3.50in.) / -
SD(Piston area) 132.73cm2
Re(DC resistance) 6.20 Ohms
BI(Transduction coefficient) 4.57Tm
(Flux density x length of immersed wire)
Fs(Free air resonsance frequency) 77.35Hz
Mms(Moving mass including air load) 10.85g
Mmd(Moving mass excluding air load) 9.98g
Cms(Compliance) 0.39mm/N
Vas(Equivialent air voume of compliance) 9.60
Qmsmechanical Q 5.70
Qeselectrial Q 1.57
Qtstotal Q 1.23

產品上架時間 2012 七月 07 週六.